Cargill Beef Program

Angus Pride

As a restaurant owner, you do far more than just serve meals. You also provide a memorable experience for your diners. You work hard to provide them with impeccable and personalized service, in addition to a great selection of food and wine. After all, when your customers come in to celebrate a birthday, special occasion or professional achievement, or simply enjoy a nice evening out, they reasonably expect to be served the finest quality beef. Indulge your customers by offering them Angus Pride AAA Canadian beef so tender, juicy and delicious, they’ll be talking about it long after their meal is over.



Your customers expect the very best every time they dine in your restaurant. To guarantee their satisfaction, offer them a top-of-the-line steak experience. With Premium Signature Angus corn-fed beef, you are guaranteed a USDA Choice-graded product from 100% Angus cattle. Superior marbling and an aging period of 21 days or more guarantees optimum flavour and tenderness in every dish.


Sterling Silver

Whether bold or subtle, traditional or exotic, flavour is what determines the success of a meal. When properly balanced, the right combination of flavours, colours and textures can delight all five senses. Achieving this balance requires more than just skill. It requires quality ingredients that offer robust flavour in every bite. That’s exactly what AAA Sterling Silver Beef will bring to your dishes!

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