The company was founded by a Quebec family and has been proudly serving its clients since 1892.

About twenty years ago, T. Lauzon was the first company to launch a private-label beef program in Quebec for renowned supplier Cargill Meat Solutions, called Sterling Silver.

In response to a growing demand, several other private-label programs were introduced, including Angus Pride, Premium Signature Angus and Nagano pork. The company also launched Aspen Ridge, a hormone-free and antibiotic-free Canadian beef brand. Lauzon Meats also offers hormone-free and antibiotic-free processed meat products under its Lauzon Collection program.

In 2010, the company shifted its focus to specialize solely in meat processing and distribution.

In March 2013, T. Lauzon was acquired by Colabor Group and became Lauzon Meats. This acquisition allowed the company to expand under the Colabor banner.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art processing plant, Lauzon Meats is committed to continuing on this path of excellence, showing the market that it intends to remain a leader for a very long time.

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Lauzon Meats is a division of Colabor