Competitive Advantages

HACCP certification

Our products and services meet the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Our production plant located in the Pointe-Saint-Charles district is HACCP-certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. HACCP certification ensures traceability from the abattoir to our customers.

Customer service

We are very proud of our team of master butchers and our representatives’ expertise. We rely on them consistently to deliver total customer satisfaction. All entities within the Group work closely together with customers, providing key support such as custom training workshops.
“We are not merely meat-product distributors. We are our customers’ partners. Your satisfaction spells our success!”


In its efforts to provide high-quality service and satisfy customer expectations, Lauzon Meats produces meat cuts and controlled portions in accordance with all specifications.
Also, Lauzon Meats can provide interested distributors with private brand programs.

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Lauzon Meats is a division of Colabor